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How “Wakanda Forever” Put Africa on the Spotlight Again

A New Era For Africa

Black Panther would forever be remembered in the hearts of many Africans as the movie that rejuvenated the love for all things African. The continent, with its energetic and rich culture, was well represented in the Marvel movie. The premiere of the movie brought out a sense of pride and identity associated with being African.

Scores of people flocked to the cinema halls, clad in their African attire, and with full anticipation to watch what would unfold. Within days, everyone was happily doing the infamous “Wakanda Forever” move, which is basically crossing both arms across the chest with clenched fists.

Wakanda Forever
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Social Media Frenzy


Instagram, Facebook, and many other social media sites lit up with endless posts and pictures of Black Panther. The best part was, the movie lived up to it’s goal of mesmerizing the entire world. No wonder it grossed a whopping $1,347,071,259 worldwide, (according to IMDB). We’re only here for the fashion, so let’s have a look at a couple of photos from the internet when Black Panther Premiered.


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Black Panther Fans
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…And Some People Had a  “Coming to America” Thing Going On


All The Way From Ghana

Ghanaians also jumped onto the Black Panther Frenzy when it arrived in cinemas. Here are some pictures:

We are more than excited about the next fashion wave of African designs. The Dashikis,  Ankara, Kente, and many more designs that would be worn to the various events. What a sight to behold! What a time to be alive.

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